Supply of marine equipment

Communication navigation, GMDSS


  • Our company specializes in the complex supply of ship communication and navigation equipment, providing a high level of safety of navigation.
  • GMDSS-Global maritime distress and safety systems. The system provides coordination of rescue operations in case of a distress alert at sea. They include the following elements
  • Inmarsat system – ship SES satellite communication stations that allow access to communication networks and the Internet. Provide the exchange of messages in the A3 areas.
  • COSPAS-SARSAT-the international space system for the search and rescue of ships in distress. Allows you to determine the position of the EPIRB, which installed on the ship.
  • SART Search and rescue Radar transponder — allows you to determine on the radar the location of a ship in distress, a boat, a life raft.
  • Maritime Mobile Radio Communication System – provide Digital selective call, telephone communication in the frequency range of MF, HF or VHF bands.
  • Navtex Receiver- provide receive distress alert, navigation warning, weather forecast   The system is part of the Worldwide Navigation Warning Service.
  • For many years, we have been engaged in the supply of ship navigation equipment and communication equipment at the highest level. We honorably fulfill all our obligations. We guarantee professionalism, responsibility and efficiency.
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Ship automation

Our company provides highly professional services in the field of ship equipment supply. We guarantee high quality in the shortest possible time. We supply extremely reliable automation and control systems from leading manufacturers in the industry. Ship automation is designed for the management and monitoring of ship systems. This method guarantees the safety of the ship and crew in emergency situations.We offer ship automation and control systems for various types of marine vessels – bulk carriers, tankers, passenger, rescue vessels, etc..

Types of ship automation systemm:

  • Fuel metering and control systems,
  • Fire alarm system.
  • Gas detection alarm.
  • Integrated bridge control system
  • Dynamic positioning system of the vessel
  • Distance automatic control systemm

Modern ship automation minimizes the risks of the human factor and maximizes the efficiency of the crew, even in emergency conditions.Our products, which have all the necessary certificates, have earned a high professional rating from maritime transport specialists.

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Bridge consoles


We offer mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of reliable supplies of marine equipment. The target  of our company is a comprehensive supply of ships with high-tech systems that increase the safety and efficiency of marine transport operation. By cooperating with us, you can be sure of the highest quality of certified equipment. Our company is a partner of leading manufacturers who enjoy well-deserved respect among marine associations and communities. The navigation console is a control center that provides switching on, off and changing the operating modes of ship equipment, controls power plants, electric navigation devices, steering devices and other ship systems and mechanisms.

Main functions of the Bridge console:

  • Control   speed and direction of the vessel,
  • Monitoring the depth under the ship’s keel,
  • Control of navigation situation, RADAR, ECDIS, AIS etc.
  • Alarm monitoring, Audible alarm notification,
  • Provide of internal telephone communication,
  • Monitoring of the ship’s life support systems.

Our products approve by  Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. Bridge control panel  are supplied with a mandatory certificate of RMRS.

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Dynamic positioning systems

Our company is a proven reliable supplier of high-quality dynamic positioning systems that control the course and position of the vessel. They provide movement at a predetermined speed along a set track.

Dynamic positioning system — a system designed to hold a ship in a given position or area and / or on a given course, move it over short distances, follow a given route automatically with high accuracy through the use of ship thrusters and bow thrusters.The International Maritime Organization defines it as follows: «A dynamic positioning system is a system that automatically controls a ship to maintain its position and course solely through the active use of ship propulsion».To operate a vessel equipped with a dynamic positioning system, you must obtain certificates.We regularly monitor the latest trends in the global shipbuilding industry in order to competently offer our customers the best products that best meet their interests. We provide a modern high-precision navigation service for all types of vessels.We use effective management technologies to reduce prices and increase the competitiveness of our products. We are direct partners of the leading domestic and global manufacturers of marine equipment. We offer the best marine brands.

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Our company offers highly qualified professional services for the design and modernization of marine equipment. In our work, we take into account the features of the vessel and all the wishes of the customer. We offer innovative solutions that have proven their high efficiency in practice. We offer «turnkey» design»:

  •  Radio navigation systems,
  • Ship automation systems,
  •  Security and alarm systems,
  • Electrical distribution devices.

The credo of the pricing policy of our company is the implementation of projects at a real cost. We use transparent and understandable methods to determine the complexity of project work. In our work, our experienced specialists use the current standards, taking into account the latest changes. We are professionally responsible. We value our business reputation. We value every customer of the company.

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